prayer requests – Tuesday, october 27


  • Please pray for Debbie Rioux's eyes, she is experiencing itching, swelling and pain on her eyelids. Thank you!
  • From Sean Kane:

             Please pray for Oneida Morales, Gail’s favorite home caregiver. There has been a major Covid outbreak in the facility where Gail resides and Oneida has been assigned to the Covid unit, facing 90-hour work weeks. Prayers that she understands how much she is loved as well as all working in the facility and that everyone would realize who the real heroes are. 

  • Thank you for all the prayers for the Gourdine family. They are .trusting and healing.
  • This prayer request is from Linda DeVange, who is leading the Thursday Food Outreach.                                    We don’t know how long the Thursday Food Outreach will last, but we will continue this ministry as long as we have food, storage space, and wonderful volunteers. If your family needs food, please let us know.  It would be a blessing to be able to help more of our church family.
  • Alison is improving day by day & Monte is providing support day by day. Your prayers are appreciated.
  • Please continue your prayers for salvation, safety and provision for Gabriel, Victoria, Clay & Larry, extended family of George Vanessa Ott. Thank you very much!
  • Please keep Adrianne Jones in your prayers for salvation.
  • Please remember the children and families of our community in prayer. 
  • Please pray for our neighbors unable to work as until the end of the Phases.
  • Please continue to pray for the homeless in our neighborhoods as the weather gets colder.
  • Please pray for our various government officials. 
  • Please remember our many medical professionals in prayer. 
  • Please pray that we all remember our Lord sees, hears and knows all that we experience.
  • Please remember to pray for the loved ones belonging to our church family.
  • Please pray that we are recognizing the Holy Spirit as we encounter those in need of Hope.


  • WestHill Church has been blessed to be able to provide for families in need of food for several months. The Lord has provided food to give, hands to work, and hearts to pray.  Praise God! 
  • We are blessed to be meeting inside the church building this Sunday! Hallelujah!
  • Glory! Glory! We continue to honor and praise Jesus!
  • We are blessed with good cheer and hearts to help where needed! All Praise to God!
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! He is gracious and righteous and compassionate!