prayer requests – Tuesday, May 2


  • Please pray for peace and energy for Doug & Nanci Veenker as they make arrangements for his brother's possessions. Thank you!
  • Please pray for Brad & Debbie, as they navigate her cancer diagnosis. Thank you!
  • Please be in prayer for Shawn and Patty, and their daughter, Tami. Her new prescription seems to be working for her. Thank you for your prayers. 
  • Prayers are appreciated for Gus, the Cannon's former neighbor. As he is regaining his strength after the latest stroke. Please pray for peace, patience and comfort.
  • Please pray for David's friend Mike and his 15-year-old son, Skylar, whose health is on the rise. Thank you for praying.
  • Please pray for Mel and Mary Hinz, for sources of laughter and friends to share it with.
  • Please pray for Phyllis Tilley's daughter, Susan. Though her  body may be still, her mind and faith are active. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for those who are absent from our gatherings because of health concerns.
  • Please pray that God brings our missing friends back into our fellowships.
  • Please pray for salvation for Rick and Lyle, the sons of Rikki Hoenshelt.
  • We are grateful for your devoted prayers of salvation, safety & provision for Gabriel, Clay, Victoria & Larry, extended family of George & Vanessa Ott. 
  • Please pray for the clients at Teen Challenge. For those who come to feel hope, accept comfort and ultimately receive the gift of salvation. Please pray also for the staff & volunteers who work in the program.
  • Please pray for those in Syria and Turkey, rebuilding after the storms that destroyed much.    
  • Please pray for the believers in Nigeria, a country intolerant of faith in our Savior.
  • Please pray for the Christians residing in Afghanistan.
  • Please pray for the faithful in China who gather in spite of the persecution.  
  • Please pray for the followers of Christ who live in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Please pray for the various families and children living near the church. 
  • Please pray for businesses in our communities, who need more employees.
  • Please pray for the homeless in our cities. Overnight temps outside will be cold.
  • Please pray for our country and the ones leading her.
  • Please pray for our missionaries, their families and their missions to spread the Gospel.
  • The dedicated prayers of salvation for family of those in our church are appreciated.
  • Please pray we are talking to our Father through His gift of prayer.  



  • We enjoyed some full sunshine days last week! Hallelujah!
  • Glory! Glory! May flowers are on display! 
  • We are blessed with dear friends! All Praise to God! 
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! He is the Wisdom!

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