prayer requests – Tuesday, may 19


  • Please remember our essential personnel, some with compromised immune systems, in prayer.
  • Please pray for families struggling with unemployment and uncertainty.
  • Please continue to remember and reach out to our elderly brothers and sisters.
  • Please pray for the numerous homeless living with inadequate shelter, food and dignity.
  • Please pray for our local, state, and federal government officials as we anticipate Phase 2 of the Governor's plan.
  • Please continue to pray for business owners as they gradually reopen.
  • Please pray for our various health officials as they facilitate the creation of treatments.
  • Please pray that our time at home is strengthening our relationship with our Savior.
  • Please continue to pray each of us would be ready to simply share the Gospel with the lost.
  • Please pray for the unsaved family members of our body.


  • We enjoy the provisions and willing hands to bless our community! Glory! Glory!
  • Praise God for the blessing of technology that allows us to stay connected and spiritually fed!
  • Our body has not reported any illnesses related to the virus! Hallelujah!
  • Praise the Lord! Our rock and redeemer!