Prayer requests - Tuesday, March 31


  • Please reach out to those in our body who are alone and may be lonesome, by phone or other media.
  • Please pray for those in need to make it known to the church office. We have people willing to help in various ways.
  • Please pray for individuals in the body quarantined from family with symptoms not related to the virus. 
  • Please pray peace and contentment over families that are currently together all day, every day.
  • Please pray protection, peace and increased faith over those with underlying conditions that affect all ages.
  • Please remember our healthcare workers in prayer as they continue to serve others although there is risk.
  • Please pray for our government officials to have wisdom, calm and courage in making decisions during this time.
  • Please pray that each of us would be prepared to share the good news with those who are lost. Always with gentleness and respect.
  • Pray that the gospel would bear fruit, as invited unbelievers are tuning in to our broadcasts.


  • Hallelujah! We are seeking ways to fellowship through Zoom and other medias. God has given us the will to adapt.
  • Praise! There are those who are finding creative ways to bless each other. 
  • Some believers that have drawn away from fellowship are viewing live-streams and being fed. Glory! Glory!
  • Oh happy day! Families are connecting with loved ones, heeding the nudge of the Holy Spirit.
  • Praise the Lord! He is with us always!