• Please keep Adrianne Jones, daughter of David & Sigrid Jones, in prayer. She has no fixed residence and is struggling with maintaining her meds. She has not been in contact with her parents. 
  • This prayer request comes from the Sorenson family:

    Please pray for our granddaughter, Maya's, hands. 

    Her first fingers on both hands are starting to curl in.  Her last "z-plasty " surgery was just in February and was supposed to be good for close to 2 years.  This is very early for her hands to have issues.  The problem gets worse because her doctors are in Boston, Massachusetts and they live in Albany NY.  If they cross state lines they have to quarantine for 2 weeks each way. So, the doctors are doing zoom meetings with her, but really want to see her in person.

    Pray that the doctors will figure out how to help her long distance, and that she would not need another surgery so soon. 

  • Please pray for all students in the last weeks of school at home. 
  • Please continue to pray for parents as they seek ways to keep their school-age children occupied through summer vacation.
  • Please pray for the many business owners and others negatively impacted by the riots.
  • Please keep the homeless and unemployed in our communities in prayer.
  • Please continue to pray for our government officials during this ever-changing time.
  • Please pray strength, wisdom, and courage over our health officials, essential medical and support personnel. 
  • Please pray we are drawing ever closer to our Savior with our time at home.
  • Please pray that we would share the Good News with others we encounter. 
  • Please keep the unredeemed loved ones of our church body in prayer.


  • All Praise to God! Adrianne Jones' recent tests for melanoma were negative!
  • We are blessed with the ability to faithfully serve our community! Glory! Glory!
  • Thank the Lord! We have received no reports of the virus in our church body!
  • Honor, Praise and Glory! We are chosen and loved by God!