Prayer requests – tuesday, June 27


  • Please continue to pray for Kim's friend Elise Nacion, who remains in the hospital and is responsive in subtle ways (ie. blinks when asked).  She recently woke from a coma and will need long term care in a facility.  Such places are very costly and will be a hardship for the family.  Please pray for added control over her muscles and miraculous provision for her care. 
  • Prayers please for Kim's friend Tom, a new believer, who remains in the hospital after his brain surgery. He must now relearn many abilities. Please pray for a full recovery. 
  • Please pray for Nancy Blaisdell's niece Carole, a missionary to the deaf in Kenya. She had a surgery on her eye, but will need another one very soon. Please pray for a good surgery date and her complete healing. She will be in the US until August. Nancy's granddaughter, Lauren, is healing well. She may be fit for a walking boot soon. Her 2 1/2 year old son is being cared for well in daycare, Her husband, Travis, is taking care of her, their son and his job and is in need of prayer, as well. Thank you for your prayers. 
  • Please pray for Tami, Shawn and Patty's daughter.  She was able to get into Fred Hutchinson with a new Dr, which she will see in July. Prayers that the new Dr. will give her some answers and hope will be renewed. Thank you for your ongoing prayers. 
  • Prayers are needed for Gus, the Cannon's former neighbor. He is in a wheelchair more than he would like, as his legs  sometimes do not cooperate in walking.  4 strokes and Covid have waylaid plans for retirement trips and other fun. Please pray for patience, strength and comfort.
  • Please pray for Mel and Mary Hinz, for good conversations with recent friends.
  • Please pray for Phyllis Tilley's daughter, Susan. Her paralysis affects many parts of her day but does not affect her prayer life or faith. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for those who have been absent from church because of illness.
  • Please pray for the many who have attended in the past, but now stay home on Sunday mornings.
  • Please pray for salvation for Rick and Lyle, the sons of Rikki Hoenshelt.
  • We are grateful for your devoted prayers of salvation, safety & provision for Gabriel, Clay, Victoria & Larry, extended family of George & Vanessa Ott. 
  • Please pray for the clients at Teen Challenge. For those who arrive to feel hope, accept comfort and ultimately receive the gift of salvation. Please pray also for the staff & volunteers who work in the program.   
  • Please pray for the Christians in Nigeria, an unfriendly nation for any who trust in our LORD.
  • Please pray for the faithful living in Afghanistan.
  • Please pray for the followers of Christ residing in China who are in danger of reprisal due to attending prayer meetings.  
  • Please pray for the believers who live in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Please pray for the several families and kids who reside near the church. 
  • Please pray for the homeless in our communities, for food and clean water.
  • Please pray for our country and the people who are leading.
  • Please pray for our missionaries, their families and their missions to spread the Gospel.
  • The dedicated prayers of salvation for family members of those in our church family are appreciated.
  • Please pray we realize the many blessings we have been given.  



  • We enjoyed many days with sunshine! Hallelujah!
  • Glory! Glory! Summer break from school has begun! 
  • We may be blessed with full days of sunshine this weekend! All Praise to God! 
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! He is our Rock!