• This prayer request is from Abril, a single mom we have been helping, who recently had a heart attack and is unable to work at this time.
            Would anyone have a nebulizer they can loan me for 2 weeks until my portable oxygen unit comes available and is                    finally delivered? My insurance won't cover both and the out of pocket cost for one is almost $200. If I can use                          someone's for 2 weeks it would save me a lot of frustration in trying to not lose air every time I leave home for an                    appointment, etc. I have 3 separate NEGATIVE Covid 19 tests and I have no issue with showing them to anyone who              has one we can borrow, out of respect. I already have the medicine for the nebulizer just need the unit. Sorry to ask                  ...but honestly just praying someone has one they are no longer using.
  • This prayer request comes from Sean Kane, whose loved one is in a Nursing Home:
             Please pray for those we cannot reach in nursing homes at this time. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work in their lives

           Our love and devotion to them is everlasting, even if they cannot physically hear or speak to us.

  • This prayer request is from the Sorenson family:
           Please pray for our granddaughter, Maya's, hands.

            Pray that the doctors will figure out how to help her long distance, and that she would not need another surgery so                    soon. 

  • Please continue to pray for Adrianne Jones, David & Sigrid Jones' daughter. She is struggling with her health and wellbeing.
  • Please keep Joanna Ott in prayer. She is at Basic Training and adjusting.
  • Please pray for parents and children, as summer vacation is somewhat different this year.
  • Please keep the many businesses and employees struggling in our local communities, in prayer. 
  • Please continue to pray for our homeless population as this year progresses.
  • Please pray courage, wisdom and truth over our government officials.
  • Please continue to pray for our health officials, essential medical and the personnel in multiple areas of support. 
  • Please pray our time at home is used to strengthen our relationship with our Savior.
  • Please remember to pray for the unsaved loved ones belonging to our church body.
  • Please pray that we would be ready to share the Hope we enjoy with the lost and hurting people we encounter. 


  • All Praise to God! We have no reports of the virus within our church body!
  • We have been blessed with the ability to faithfully serve our community! Glory! Glory!
  • Hallelujah! We are getting closer to meeting in person for our church services!
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to the Lord! He is our rock, fortress and redeemer!