prayer requests – tuesday, june 20


  • Please pray for Kim's friend Elise Nacion, who has been moved out of ICU and after a month is able to respond in subtle ways (ie. blink when asked).  She will need long term care that will tax the family's resources heavily.  Please pray for increased control over her muscles and miraculous provision for her care. 
  • Prayers please for Kim's friend Tom, a new believer, who is in the hospital. Please pray for his healing. 
  • Please pray for Nancy Blaisdell's niece Carole, a missionary to the deaf in Kenya. She is recovering from surgery on her eye.  Her granddaughter, Lauren's, surgery went well. She must now elevate her ankle and absolutely not walk on it. Prayers for help from friends to help care for her 2 1/2 year old son, please. 
  • Please pray for Tami, Shawn and Patty's daughter.  She is looking for a new Oncologist. The family is praying that she will get into Fred Hutchinson. Thank you for your prayers. 
  • Prayers are needed for Gus, the Cannon's former neighbor. He is still in a wheelchair, walking some as legs are not working quite right.  4 strokes and Covid have held up plans for retirement trips and fun. Please pray for patience, strength and comfort.
  • Please pray for Mel and Mary Hinz, for comfort and tasty meals.
  • Please pray for Phyllis Tilley's daughter, Susan. Prayers for each new day with paralysis. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for those who have been out of church due to illness.
  • Please pray for the people who previously attended but remain home on Sunday mornings.
  • Please pray for salvation for Rick and Lyle, the sons of Rikki Hoenshelt.
  • We are thankful for your dedicated prayers of salvation, safety & provision for Gabriel, Clay, Victoria & Larry, extended family of George & Vanessa Ott. 
  • Please pray for the clients at Teen Challenge. For those who arrive to feel hope, accept comfort and ultimately receive the gift of salvation. Please pray also for the staff & volunteers who serve in the program.   
  • Please pray for the faithful in Nigeria, a dangerous country for those who believe in our LORD.
  • Please pray for the followers of Christ residing in Afghanistan.
  • Please pray for the believers living in China who face daily persecution.  
  • Please pray for the Christians whose homes are in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Please pray for the many families and kids whose home is close to the church. 
  • Please pray for those without homes in our cities, for safety and good health.
  • Please pray for our nation and those in positions of leadership.
  • Please pray for our missionaries, their families and their efforts to share the Good News.
  • The devoted  prayers of salvation for family of some in our congregation are valued.
  • Please pray we remember we are loved by our Creator and Savior.  



  • Mike and Skylar are home and Skylar is doing well! Hallelujah!
  • Glory! Glory! Summer begins this Wednesday, June 21! 
  • We may have sunshine this weekend at Nolte St Park! All Praise to God! 
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! He is our Redeemer!