prayer requests - tuesday, july 4


  • Please remain in prayer for Kim's friend Elise Nacion, who is slightly responsive.  She sometimes looks to be in pain, but is unable to communicate the location. Please pray for pain reduction, healing and provision for the care she will need after leaving the hospital.
  • Prayers please for Kim's friend Tom, a new believer, He was taken back to the hospital by ambulance. Please pray his Drs treatment is effective and for healing. 
  • Please pray for Nancy Blaisdell's niece Carole, a missionary to the deaf in Kenya. Her previous surgery was for her macula, and her most recent surgery was for the retina of the same eye. Please pray for complete healing. She was able to attend her mother's 90th birthday party and visit with many relatives she had not seen for a very long time. Nancy's granddaughter, Lauren, continues to heal.  She can take a few steps now, but is not cleared to drive quite yet, Her husband, Travis, is caring for the needs of the family. Thank you for praying. 
  • Please pray for Tami, Shawn and Patty's daughter.  She will see her new Dr sometime this month. Prayers that the Dr. will be able to give her some new information and her faith is strengthened. Thank you for your many prayers. 
  • Prayers are needed for Gus, the Cannon's former neighbor. He has to use a wheelchair more often than he wants to, as his ability to walk is not altogether steady.  Between his several strokes and Covid his plans for retirement trips and other activities have been put on hold. Please pray for patience, strength and comfort.
  • Please pray for Mel and Mary Hinz, for happy moments and restful sleep.
  • Please pray for Phyllis Tilley's daughter, Susan. Her paralysis involves her body, however her mind is active with prayer. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for the people who have not been at church due to colds or allergies.
  • Please pray for those who have previously attended regularly, that are now remaining at home on Sunday mornings.
  • Please pray for salvation for Rick and Lyle, the sons of Rikki Hoenshelt.
  • We are thankful for your dedicated prayers of salvation, safety & provision for Gabriel, Clay, Victoria & Larry, extended family of George & Vanessa Ott. 
  • Please pray for the clients at Teen Challenge. For those who arrive to feel hope, accept comfort and ultimately receive the gift of salvation. Please pray also for the staff & volunteers who serve in the program.   
  • Please pray for the Faithful in Nigeria, a country with more persecution than all other intolerant countries combined.
  • Please pray for the Christians residing in Afghanistan.
  • Please pray for the Believers living in China who must hide to congregate.  
  • Please pray for the followers of Christ residing in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Please pray for the many families and children who live around the church. 
  • Please pray for the homeless in our cities, for safety and rest.
  • Please pray for our nation and those in leadership.
  • Please pray for our missionaries, their families and their call to speak the Good News.
  • The devoted prayers of salvation for family members of some in our church are valued.
  • Please pray we appreciate where we have been placed by our Father.  



  • Summer and warmer temps are definitely here! Hallelujah!
  • Glory! Glory! We are grateful for fans and air conditioners! 
  • We are blessed to be in this country! All Praise to God! 
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! He is our Strength!