Prayer Requests – tuesday, december 14


  • Please keep Joanne Jordan's 16 year old grandson in prayer. He is struggling with depression and does not want to live.
  • Please pray for Sigrid, that the love of Christ would be shown through her, and that she would have wisdom and stamina as she navigates the next several months. Also, Adrianne, she has requested prayer for finances and success at her new job. Sigrid asks prayers for Adrianne's spiritual and physical needs, as well.
  • Please continue to pray for Jesse and Jena's friends, Nathan and Ianne Rivero. She is battling Covid at Swedish Hospital. Nathan asks for prayers of healing for her and guidance and wisdom for her caretakers.
  • Please remain in prayer for Brittany, a cousin of the Hinz family. She has mover to a rehabilitation center and has a very positive attitude. Her father, James, is so very thankful for all the prayers and the blessing of his daughter's strength and determination.
  • The Cannon family's previous neighbor, Gus Nyquist, recently had a stroke and pneumonia. He has regained some feeling in his left side and can somewhat swallow now. Praise God! He has moved to Rehab, and will remain there until he is able to balance himself. Please pray continued healing, ultimately God's will for him, peace and comfort for his daughters.
  • Please remain in prayer for Ann Jones, she is now at a rehab center in Puyallup!
  • This came through our online Prayer Requests: I am hoping to get some help with prayer for my brother David. He is struggling with custody of his daughter. God knows his heart, God knows all, I'd just like a little extra help with prayers for him. I know the power of prayer, thank you all for everything & all your help. Thank you & God bless all. 
  • Update on Phyllis Tilly's family: Her husband Bob has just been diagnosed with lung and stomach cancer. Please pray for his salvation. Son-in-law Wayne is having surgery to remove a cancerous lymph node which is close to his spine. Pray for successful surgery. Please continue praying for niece Susan's paralysis to be lifted from her.
  • Continued prayer needed for Dean for patience through the waiting, working with others to get details worked out in his temporary living situation, and guidance for decisions he needs to make.  
  • Please remain in prayer for the salvation of Rikki Hoenshelt's sons, Rick and Lyle.
  • Thank you for your devoted prayers of salvation, safety and provision for Gabriel, Clay, Victoria & Larry, extended family of George & Vanessa Ott
  • Please pray that the people who come to Teen Challenge, would feel hope, comfort and receive the gift of salvation. Please remember the ones who serve there as they greet hurting individuals.
  • Please continue to pray for the persecuted people in Afghanistan.
  • Please pray for the church neighborhood. 
  • Please pray for those needing work in our community. 
  • Please keep the homeless in prayer, as overnight temperatures are very cold.
  • Please remember to pray for our nation and our government leaders.
  • Please pray for the many serving in local establishments.
  • Please continue to pray for our missionaries, as they reside in various countries sharing the Good News.
  • The precious prayers of salvation for family of those in our church body are appreciated.
  • Please pray we represent our Savior well this season and coming year.



  • Brittny is doing well! Hallelujah!
  • Glory! Glory! We are abundantly blessed
  • We have food and various ways to prepare it! All Praise to God! 
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! He is our Good Shepherd!