prayer requests – December 1


  • We received a request to pray for a young man's mother. Her complete healing and return home also strength and new courage. Thank you!
  • Please continue to  pray for salvation for Rikki Hoanshelt's sons, Rick and Lyle. Also, that Lyle would find the employment God wants him to have.
  • From Sean Kane:

    Please pray for Oneida Morales, Gail’s favorite home caregiver. There has been a major Covid outbreak in the facility where Gail resides and Oneida has been assigned to the Covid unit, facing 90-hour work weeks. Prayers that she understands how much she is loved as well as all working in the facility and that everyone would realize who the real heroes are. 

  • Sean Kane's wife Gail is doing a little better after contracting Covid-19.  Please pray for healing and comfort.

  • Alison is improving every day & Monte is currently out of state with his grieving family. Your prayers are appreciated.
  • Please continue your prayers for salvation, safety and provision for Gabriel, Clay, Victoria & Larry, extended family of George & Vanessa Ott. Thank you so much!
  • Please continue to pray for the many children and families living around our church.
  • Please pray for those individuals living near the church that are still unemployed.
  • Please remember to pray for the homeless around us as December will be getting colder.
  • Please pray for our varied government officials, especially at this unprecedented time. 
  • Please remain in prayer for our medical professionals as more people are needing medical services. 
  • Please pray that we would all remember the many ways we are blessed.
  • Please remember to pray for the lost loved ones belonging to some in our church.
  • Please pray that we are listening for the Holy Spirit as we go out into the community or stay in and use technology to stay in touch. 


  • Debbie Rioux's cousin is home with his family! Hallelujah!
  • Glory! Glory! There is very little we lack! We are blessed!
  • We are set to bless many children this Christmas season! All Praise to God!
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! We are known by Him!


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TUES, 3/31       TUES, 4/14       TUES, 5/12       TUES, 6/09       TUES, 7/14       TUES, 8/11      TUES, 9/08  

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                                                                                 TUES, 6/30                                                            TUES, 9/29           


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