prayer requests – Tuesday, August 18


  • Please keep praying for Alison and Monte Joyce. She had surgery on her foot, and needs fast healing and Monte is in need of strength and grace.
  • Please continue to pray salvation, protection and peace over Clay, Gabriel, Victoria & Larry, extended family of George Vanessa Ott.
  • This prayer request is from Linda DeVange, who is leading the Thursday Food Outreach. Please pray for the 14 families that our WestHill Church Family delivers food to each week. Pray that each member feels the love of God in these practical ways, that they remain healthy, and that the parents become more able to provide for their families. Pray for peace and bonding in each home. Pray as the Lord leads you. Also, please pray for our workers and drivers that we have energy, stay safe, and continue to bond with each other in love and affection. God has overwhelmingly blessed us!                                                                                                                                                 
  • This prayer request comes from Sean Kane, who joins us from Wisconsin, and whose wife is in a Nursing Facility. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work in their lives.
  • Please remember Adrianne Jones who needs prayers for continued recovery and job/residence stabilization.
  • Please remain in prayer for Joanna Ott. She is tentatively coming home in 10 days.
  • Please keep the children and families in our community in your prayers as summer is beginning to wind down.
  • Please continue to pray for the  employees and business owners in our community as commerce is slow for many. 
  • Please remember to pray for our homeless in our neighborhoods who are struggling in many ways.
  • Please pray for our 3 branches of government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.
  • Please remember to pray for our healthcare officials, doctors and medical staff, as the hours are long. 
  • Please pray we are applying this time at home to bolstering our relationship with our Lord and Savior.
  • Please continue praying for the broken and lost loved ones belonging to many in our church body.
  • Please pray that we are seeking every opportunity to share the Good News with the frightened and lost we meet.


  • Adrianne Jones started a part-time job and potential housing is coming in about 3 weeks. Thank you, Lord!
  • Praise the Lord! We have been blessed with a beautiful summer!
  • Our church body is growing with new faces! Glory! Glory!
  • All Praise to God! We are all blessed with good health!
  • Honor, Praise and Glory to our Lord! God is good, all the time!