• Please continue to connect with and pray for those who are alone during this extended time at home.
  • Please pray for any, in our body, who need help to contact the church office. We are blessed with those ready and willing to serve.
  • Please pray for healing of those with symptoms not related to the virus, and a return to their family routine. 
  • Please pray peace, hope and contentment over families that are struggling with being together day in and day out.
  • Please pray for those concerned about finances, an extended time at home and who are without hope.
  • Please pray hope, contentment and peace over the students, especially those in their Senior year of high school and college. Many events are cancelled or greatly modified.
  • Please continue to pray protection, peace and increased faith over those with underlying conditions and have weakened immune systems.
  • Please remember our healthcare workers in prayer as they faithfully serve others in medical need.
  • Please pray healing, peace and faith over those in need of procedures, treatments or therapies that have been indefinitely postponed.
  • Please pray for the individuals in our local, state and federal governments to make decisions with wisdom, calm and courage.
  • Please pray that we all would be prepared, with gentle confidence, to share the good news with those who are lost, that the name of Jesus Christ would be glorified.
  • Please pray that as invited unbelievers are watching our Easter broadcasts, they would come to a saving belief in Jesus Christ.


  • God be Praised! Our body is weathering this uncertain time free of the virus!
  • Through Zoom and various other medias we are connecting with others in fellowship. God has given us the will, ability and strength to be together in our new normal. Glory! Glory! 
  • Hallelujah! Believers that have been away from the body are once again being fed through various live-streams.
  • We are finding inventive ways to be a blessing to others. Glory and Honor to God!
  • Praise the Lord! His mercies are new every morning!