weekly word – 9/07/23

The Tyranny of the Urgent:

     I find it fascinating, that when I need to get something done that is extremely important, there is always something else that really needs to be done RIGHT NOW. Have you ever encountered that problem?

     I borrowed the title of this word from a tract that a friend of mine wrote many years ago. In it he discusses this problem and where it comes from.


      Right now, in my life I have several things that need to get done this week (even today) that are important.

  • Well, like this Weekly Word! 
  • We are setting up for the Rummage Sale, and
  • I have Financial Duties that need to be taken care of, so we don’t get penalties from the Infernal Revenue Service, and
  • I need to get the signs, that will take several hours, prepared for the sale, and
  • We have to get the bread that we normally ready for a great day of ministry, and

     The question then becomes: “Which one do I work on today, and in what order do I get them done. HMMMMMM!

     Wait a minute here, this is not how I planned thing to happen. Why is it happening?? What happened to My organized schedule? You know, I forgot one other thing: My quiet time with God.

     So, what am I going to do? What’s the most important thing on the list? 


     My Quiet Time with God!

     Be back in a while………

     Where did all these thing come from? They all “snuck up on me!”  

No they didn’t. They were all on my schedule. They just looked like a jumble when I had to think about them and how I was going to get them done. 

     The BIG one was skipping my quiet time with Him to accomplish the rest of them. Once I got past that one the rest of them fell into place and I am going to be able to reach the end of the day getting them all done and getting them done in the right order.

     Satan does this to get between the Lord and us. And we, as simple human beings, fall for it and jump to the Urgent things rather than the important things.

     Is that how it happens with you? You wake up in the morning and realize that you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them?  Okay, I’ll take time later to catch my quiet time, and then I can, and then…… 

     At the end of the day you’re still behind and frustrated and sleep doesn’t come because you didn’t get it all done and you know that tomorrow is going to be worse. 

     “The Tyranny of the Urgent” is a wonderful tool that the enemy uses so very well to detract us from the most important solution to our needs. God! 

     My wife has a plaque on the refrigerator that says, “When things are too much to stand, KNEEL!”  Spend that time with Him first and let Him show you the way. He can give you the direction and peace you need to “finish the race’ well as Paul says.


Ed Johanson