weekly word – 4/4/24

Where is “my” God?

        Yesterday, I took some time to spend with my best friend.  I went to Saltwater State Park and sat at a table overlooking the Sound.  It was early morning and there were very few people around (maybe 3 or 4) over the hour and a half I sat there.

        The sun was shining, the birds were making sounds, and yes, the jets were flying overhead.  But it was quiet . ... …. and He and I talked.  

        The table I picked was set away from the rest and looked over the water, but as I sat and prayed, there was a signpost that I spotted and hadn’t seen when I chose the table.  It was in the shape of a cross – between me and the water. 


       This last month or so has been a really hard time of tension and business that took its toll on my spirits but sitting there at the table talking to my “Friend” cleared my head and put a better perspective on the last month.

        A few months ago, I was talking to David in the church kitchen and a comment about the poem and picture “Footprints” came up.  As I sat talking to my friend, He reminded me of that print and as I reflected on the circumstances, a picture came to my mind of the sand and the two sets of footprints – then one - then two of them again. Yes, Lord, I see!  Thank you for carrying me again!”

        Are you troubled?  Are you stressed? Does it seem like God has moved away from you?  If you look at the footprints in the sand, what do you see?  Two sets?  He’s walking with you!  One set?  Here is where it gets tricky.  Is He carrying you or have you pulled away?  He can’t carry you if you walk away from Him.

        Take a few minutes to look at your relationship with Him?  Are you in the Word and communicating with Him? Then He’s carrying you.  Let Him.  Trust Him.  He’ll take you through those tough times and it will be as He wills for you.

        If there is a breakaway on your part, and the world is getting between you and Him, go to Him and talk to Him.  Trust Him.  He loves you and wants to care for you! Bring that relationship back to where He wants to be in your life. 

        1 Peter 5: 6-8:  Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you at the proper time, 7 casting all your cares on him, because he cares about you. 8 Be sober-minded, be alert. Your adversary the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.

        As I sat at that table, I could hear God saying, “Put your cares on Me. Let me walk with you or carry you when times get tough. I love you and want to be your friend and companion. Don’t let this world get between us.” 

        Can you hear him talking to you? If not, “STOP TALKING AND LISTEN.”.


Ed Johanson