weekly word – 2/09/23

“Bringing in the Sheep!”

     We are seeing new people in our church because God is bringing them in. The question that I have, is: “How do we keep them”?

     The Pastors and Elders of the church are the shepherds of the Flock and it is our duty and responsibility to reach out to those people and meet their Spiritual needs. We as a board work to do that but we cannot meet all of their needs.

      When people visit a church to see if they want to be a part of it, what do they look for? 

      1.    They look at the Doctrine. Is it in line with what God’s Word  
              describes for His Church?
      2.    They look for a place where they can hear the word of God
              being preached in the right way.
      3.    They look for a place where people are worshiping the Lord. 
      4.    They look for a place where they can fit in and be a part of His

     Does our church fill these roles?

     Well, number 1: Our Doctrine is right in line with scripture, so that isn’t an issue.

     Number 2: The word of the Lord is presented accurately. The men who stand before you spend time praying, studying, and then presenting the message as accurately as they can so that what you hear is the truth found in His word.

     Number 3: Our services are tailored around “Worship”. The music we sing, the verses we share, and the messages are all geared to bring praise and worship to God, “Our Father”.

     Number 4 is where we need to spend time with this Word. Pastor Bryan, Pastor David, Rick, and I are only a part of the answer.  We are the ones who can oversee the spiritual things and help them in those areas, but you are the ones that can fill their other needs and keep them coming back, and back, and back.

     How????   How can “I” do that?

     Okay, that’s a fair question!  

     My wife and I spent a year fellowshipping at a church in the area many years ago. The doctrine was right on. The preaching was wonderful.  The pastor was a great speaker.  The worship was awesome. It had everything that we were looking for in a church home…But after a year of attending, a woman came up to us and asked if we were new.  We told her we had been with them for a year and a half, and she was really surprised. 

     They had a coffee bar in the lobby where I would occasionally pick up a cup and after the service, stand around waiting for someone to talk to us, or I would start a conversation with someone who would say hello, and then go on to their friends.

     We left that church, and found a new one. Yes, this one. 

     We have been here for many a year. 


     Yes, the doctrine is good, the preaching is good, the pastors are good speakers, and the worship is good, but one thing that keeps us here is that people care for us. People greet us. People talk to us and take an interest in us. 

      As these new people come in the door and are looking for a new home where they can be part of a family, seek them out and introduce yourself. Take interest in them. This is the friendliest church I have been in, in a long time and we need to keep it that way.

     This Sunday greet one or two of the new faces, as well as a few of the others that have been coming. Spend a minute finding out who they are and what they are looking for in a church.  Find out what’s happening in their lives. Invite them to our Valentine’s Banquet.  It’s a free event where they will have a chance to meet many others and experience our “Family”. God’s Family!


Ed Johanson