weekly word – 12/02/21

God is good, all the time!  

I was bored at the last craft show we were at and I sat down at a table in the lobby of the venue to write something, anything, just to take up time. That cliché popped into my mind and I began to write. Is that really true? Do I really believe that? I didn’t get far in my writing as I was interrupted three or four times and I finally gave up. That was Saturday. Sunday our daughter texted Guyla with the following text. 

From Ada on Sunday Nov. 14, 2021 –


Got home from work on Friday and realized I had literally worn holes in the butt of my jeans on both sides.  I took off my shoes and realized I literally had walked holes through the bottoms.

Anyone who has known me for a time knows that finding clothes that fit . . . and last . . . are a fight . . .

My jeans are all custom orders. Trust me, if I could buy off the rack, I would!  Because of this, I only own two pairs at a time.  EVER.  They have to be a special order through a big chain, and I have to hope they have something for my height and waist that fits.  Walked in to a store today and somehow they had one pair on the shelf!  I asked if we could order a second one – there’s not a single other pair in all of the USA – and there’s no sign that any more are coming.  GOD GAVE ME PANTS!

Then I walked into Plato’s closet, and found a brand new pair of the one brand and style of this shoe that was discontinued 3 years ago.  GOD GAVE ME SHOES!

I know that to most people, this may not seem big, but to me?  This means the world.  He knew my jeans would rip, that I would need them, and he knew which store I’d be at.  He knew they were the last pair in the states and had them at the right store . . . just one more example of how everything is in his hands.  Not mine.

God is good all the time.  ALL the time, God is good!  

No matter what we are facing or experiencing there is a God, and He is in charge. He knows all about us and what we need. If you step back and look at what is happening you will know that our “Father” knows best.

Ed Johanson