weekly word – 12/01/22

Writer Block (too busy)


       I have the privilege today to write the first Weekly Word in December.  And I will have to admit that when Vanessa asked me yesterday if I remembered if it was my turn to grace the Thursday email with words of wisdom, I could say “Yes, I did remember.”,  but what I was going to write was locked in the area of “writers block.” I had no clue as to what I would write this time.

       I spent some time struggling with a multitude of subjects, but every time I sat down at the computer to write, I would start, and maybe get a sentence or two and then the picture would go blank. Even prayer didn’t seem to work.  Yes, I know God answers prayer in different ways, and what I needed was a, “Here you go Ed,” this is your answer.  What I got was “Leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

       Ever have one of those days?  Well, the rest of the story is coming…


Without a clue as to what to write, I decided to clean some files I have in my office, old stuff that I have collected over the years.  You know what I mean… “JUNK”.  As I was cleaning I found some old Sunday Funnies that were stuff I thought were fun to keep over the years because they spoke to a time when I needed them. Mostly the panels of “Pickles”   But as I continued to clean I ran across an old “BC” panel that just jumped out at me. BC was the “Caveman era” cartoon. The panel was about a “nightstalker” that went around writing things on rocks. Some of the things were subtle jibes at what was happening in the politics of the times. However, the one I came across was pretty pointed.


“JESUS is the reason for the season”


I found my answer. I found myself too busy thinking about what I was going to write, and forgot that this is December. And in all the hustle-bustle of the world, to buy gifts, Black Friday, decorating, etc., I forgot what Christmas is really all about.  It isn’t Santa Claus, Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays, it is about a baby that came to be born in a stable, grow to be a man and then die a horrible death to give us the greatest gift we could ever receive.  Take time as we approach HIS birthday and remember that

“HE is the reason for the season”

we celebrate. 

Ed Johanson