weekly word – 11/04/21

What Happened…and What Will Happen?

It was 20 months ago that we stopped meeting in person for our worship service. We were faced with a pandemic that we didn’t know how long would last, we weren’t really sure how to combat this virus and the “experts” didn’t seem to have all the answers that we were looking for. The situation seemed out of control. There was confusion, disagreements, disgruntled people, and just a lot of uncertainty. But, there was always one thing that was never in question. Who was really in charge? Many of us could answer that question without hesitation, but was it as crystal clear as demonstrated in our actions or in our thoughts?

Did any of us consider what things would look like 20 months down the road? Were we even concerned about looking 12 months ahead? I think most of us were preoccupied with the present and focused on what the next day, week, or month would bring. Knowing what we know today, would we have done anything different? How would that have impacted the outcome of what we are going through today, personally? What things should we be focusing on now that will impact 20 months from now? I know these are a lot of questions, but the idea is that most of us either didn’t have the foresight to plan 20 months ahead while in the middle of a pandemic or realized that it was so much bigger than us, and how we just needed to leave the big things in God’s hands.  

The reality is, God has us right where he wants us and there wasn’t anything we could have done to change that. God also knows where He’s taking us, day by day, hour by hour. We ought to find comfort, peace, and even joy in watching things unfold before us, knowing that we serve a sovereign God who not only loves us, but does so with lovingkindness. Lovingkindness is God extending grace and mercy towards us with a total outpouring of love. With a God and Heavenly Father who loves us in this way, why would we be concerned or upset with His plans? Perhaps, it’s because we put too much emphasis on this temporal life. The more I consider the brevity of my time here on the earth compared to eternity with God, the more I am convinced to let go of much more things that I used to cling to. Or put another way, just the idea of me doing anything that would interfere with or go against what God has already planned and put in motion is futile. "Let God be God" and let Bryan stay focused on what He has called me to do. Love people, be more Christ-like, and preach the Good News!

Whenever we begin to feel overwhelmed by our earthly situation, spend more time in prayer, seek God’s wisdom through His Word, and seek fellowship with your brother’s and sisters in Christ. If you haven’t done so recently, read Revelation 21 and 22. Look at what God has prepared for us and what He has waiting for us! That will be for eternity! What does the next 10-20 years matter or how does it compare to our future with Christ? What are we willing to endure or go through to get to where He wants us? 

And always give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Bryan