Phase ii plans

Hello WestHill Church,

Especially in these difficult times, we miss all of you and look forward to the opportunity when we can worship together in person. We would like to share our plans for the future, Lord willing.

As most of you are aware, Governor Inslee has moved many Washington counties into Phase II of his COVID-19 plan. Unfortunately, King County remains in modified Phase I until further notice. Until we are cleared to meet together, we will continue with our 10:30 online services and our 11:30 Sunday school classes using Zoom.

When we are allowed to worship together, we will take precautionary measures, both to continue to comply with the government’s regulations and to ensure the safety of our church family. We recognize that many people have different health considerations. What might be acceptable for some may not be for others. That is okay. We will not put pressure on anyone to meet or refrain from meeting, and we ask that others do the same.

What will services look like when we are able to meet corporately?

Under the latest guidelines given, when we move into Phase II, we will be allowed to meet under these restrictions:

  1. Only 44 people can meet indoors in our sanctuary.
  2. 100 people can meet outdoors.

Our goal is to worship together, so until we are allowed to meet indoors without social distancing measures, we plan to meet outdoors in our parking lot for services, under canopies for shade and if we have inclement weather.

How will we stay safe as we meet outside?

Sunday school and nursery will resume at a later time. We will also do our best to establish a touchfree environment by using an offering box instead of passing around offering bags, taking communion with a sealed communion cup and wafer instead of passing trays, not serving coffee or refreshments, etc.

We will also need to sanitize the canopies, chairs, and anything that we use on a weekly basis. We will be asking for volunteers to help our existing janitorial team.

Please bring your own masks, but we will have a small supply for those who forget to bring them or who don’t have access to them.

We have not established a start date yet, but will keep you updated on that status. As we navigate uncharted waters, we will stay flexible and adjust as we move forward. We really do appreciate your patience and understanding.

Pastors Bryan, David, and Michael